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Located in Nanaimo, BC.


At Coal City Cycles we pride ourselves in offering products that we have tested out on the trails, so you can ride with confidence knowing that the equipment you are using will stand up.  While offering exceptional customer service, expert local trail knowledge and staff that have been in the cycling industry for over 20 years, you can rest assured that Coal City Cycles has the knowledge to get your steed back on the trail with limited down time.



A Nanaimo first: all bikes sold by Coal City Cycles include tune-ups for the duration of your ownership of the bike (lifetime free tune-ups). Parts and extra labour are an additional cost.



We sponsor a Women’s Only Ride on Thursday nights. If you would like more information check out the details here.






Robin Dutton

Having been in the cycling industry for the past 23 years, working, riding and racing, Robin has witnessed the evolution of modern mountain biking. Riding and racing his bikes has given him excuses to travel and explore the world, following his passion for cycling. There are also very few mechanical problems that he has not seen, so be assured whether you are looking for the right gear for your next ride or a solution to that funny click that your faithful whip is making, he can help steer you in the right direction.



Brian Kuhn

Brian has been riding, racing and repairing bikes since the mid-nineties but only turned it into a professional vocation when he moved to BC in 2005. A stint representing a suspension brand put him in touch with his passion (suspension) and a chance to geek out on a daily basis. If it is weird, nerdy, alternative or suspension related, he knows about it or wants to hear about it.



Mark Wieler

Mark is well known in the Nanaimo cycling community. If he isn’t hammering at spin classes or ripping it up with RC cars he is riding his bike.


Noah Gear & Evan Soucy

Shop “groms” and leaders of the youth rides on Saturdays. You will probably never meet two nicer teenagers, and can they ever shred! Interests include: shredding, riding, KOM acquisitions and bike related stuff.