2019 bikes in store...


Looking for a new steed, but want to take one for a ride first?  We have demo bikes in various sizes…

Devinci: Troy, Django 27.5, Django 29

Santa Cruz: Bronson, Tallboy, Hightower

Juliana: Rubion

Cannondale: Trigger, Scalpel SE


All demos are free of charge, but we do ask for a donation (of your choice) to the Nanaimo MTB Club so they can continue their trail-building and maintenance.



We also carry two ShockWiz units. Rent one (or both) at $50 per unit and dial in your suspension. Price includes the rental for 2 days and all suggested adjustments: ride, bring it in for a download/debrief where we will make adjustments, then ride again to verify and fine tune the details.


Call 778-441-2453 to book a demo ride today!