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SSWC is on the horizon

The shop is sending most of the staff to Bend, Oregon for the Single Speed World Championships. Sounds intimidating doesn’t it? Makes you think of the UCI and high prestige international superstars of racing. Not quite.

The SSWC are… different. Not internationally sanctioned, or even recognized by the UCI this is a fringe festival of a fringe sport riding, well, fringe bikes.

First things first, a single speed: pick a bike, remove the shifters, and all but one gear. Now go ride all the same stuff you used to and have fun. Doesn’t sound fun? Think of the simplicity. You never have to think about what gear you need, just ride. Sit when you can, stand when you can’t sit anymore, push when you’re out of gas. Simple.

SSWC is a bunch of eccentric characters on single speeds racing a mountain bike course wearing silly costumes and drinking adult beverages. First man and first woman across the finish line get a one-of-a-kind tattoo. Don’t want the tattoo? Don’t cross first. Pre-race: party and drinking; post-race: party and drinking. During the race there may be party and drinking too…

How can you qualify to this SSWC. Buy a ticket, show up and ride!

Are you intrigued? Register here and we’ll see you in Bend, October 20th!