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Gravel Routes

Gravel Routes Around Nanaimo

Nanaimo is a little known hot bed for gravel cycling with stunning vistas and crystal clear lakes to visit. Below you will find a selection of different gravel routes with varying distances and elevations to suit your fancy. Keep in mind some of these areas are quite remote and on private land, be prepared for all eventualities, mechanical or otherwise. Always tell someone where you are going and don't ride alone.

A big Thank You to Patrick for providing these gps routes and the photo.

Blackjack and Okay Lap

Blackjack and Okay Lap screenshot

Boomerang and Back

Boomerang and Back screenshot

Around OK Mountain

Around OK Mountain screenshot
Not As Long As I ThoughtNot As Long As I Thought screenshot
FondoPotential Fondo screenshot
2021 MIVA Unpaved

2021 MIVA Unpaved screenshot

Out to Fourth Lake

Out to Fourth Lake screenshot

Shelton/Healey Lake

Shelton/Healey Lake screenshot

To Lantzville and Shelton Lake

To Lantzville and Shelton Lake screenshot

MIVA Unpaved A CourseMIVA Unpaved A Course screenshot

MIVA Unpaved C CourseMIVA Unpaved C Course screenshot
River Road Run

River Road Run screenshot

June 10th MIVA Ride

June 10th MIVA Ride screenshot

Sywash/Sundew/  5.3 and Back

Sywash/Sundew/ 5.3 and Back screenshot

MIVA Saturday RideMIVA Saturday Ride screenshot